Iqbal Tariq Chain Makers

Iqbal Tariq Chain Makers brings you a supreme range of products, each of which offers excellent value. Treat yourself to a wonderful collection of jewelry made out of Singapore Jewelry and Italian Jewelry, including bridal collection, mala set ,lockets set , bracelets, earrings and rings for both genders. Each product is fashioned with careful deliberation in terms of style, design, size, and quality, At Iqbal Tariq Chain Makers we are continuously looking for new ideas and innovative designs, while still offering trendy plus traditional jewelry. We follow the industry trends closely, keeping an eye on the latest designs. Our staff, handy in itself, is obsessive, and will be there to assist you at the store, offering everything you need. The focus, meanwhile the beginning, has been on offering an array of choices for customers who search for value in fine jewelry.


The experienced gold-jewelry experts of world-class gold products and services in connection with international gold trends and designs. Fast growing Iqbal Tariq Chain Makers is known a highly trustable in the World business community especially in Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry.

Jewelry Designing

Being an institute, Iqbal Tariq Chain Makers is now more than a Jewellery center famous for its Unique Quality, Out-Class Designs, and committed Client Services. Iqbal Tariq Chain Makers is considered one of the top Company of Pakistan producing satisfied clients and repeated cliental not only in Pakistan but USA, UK ,Hong Kong and other major countries also.